Saturday, January 22, 2011

Legality of same-sex sex and Marriage in South Africa

The legal age for sex in South Africa has changed over the years and on the 1st January 2008 we achieved gender equality.

Same-sex legality was previously 19 and for hetero-sexuals was 16 but all provisions that discriminate have been formally repealed  - including an equalised age of consent now 16 regardless of sexual orientation, and all sexual offences are now defined in gender-neutral terms.

South Africa was also the fifth country in the world, the first in Africa, the second outside Europe and the first republic to legalise same-sex marriage with the coming into effect on the 30th November 2006 of the Civil Union Act allowing same-sex partners to choose between a marriage or civil union, both with identical implications. A copy of the Act can also be downloaded - see our side blog and civil union or pre-marriage agreements are also available. Tel 083-7033329 if you need more help. - Dave

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