Friday, July 31, 2015

A new beginning

South Africa has never had it so good in terms of abandonment of sexism, racism, and all forms of discrimination including discrimination against gay/lesbian orientation.

The Constitution entrenches gay rights and since 2006 Gay Marriage has been legalised.

We have been successfully running a blog about our city of Durban,
Gay Durban, since October 2006, and are now extending this to Gay South Africa, a blog inviting participation from and providing useful links we have found to the rest of the country's gay community. Join us in this quest to level the playing fields and celebrate our new-found freedom. Despite what I have just said, there have been recent rumblings among Black Traditional Leaders in South Africa to have the gay-entitlement in our Constitution removed, and this has caused a wave of gay-protests to preserve and protect our enshrined rights... so there is still debate, even when we thought our 2006 freedom was secure!